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Let's Journey Together...

Pricing your Home

The key to selling your home is setting the right price for your home.  If you set the price too high, your home may sit on the market forever. You risk cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars, if you set it too low.  And while anyone can run the numbers for you, the power comes when you pair those numbers with real world context and local market expertise.

An agent can help you set the right price by providing a comparative market analysis (CMA), researching the details of the competition, and find opportunities to increase the sales price.

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Inspections and Disclosures

Almost ALL buyers will opt to have a home inspection, so it’s to your advantage to be proactive and work with us ahead of time. Since we experience inspections with every client, we’re familiar with local codes and can cue you in to simple projects to complete before the inspection happens. This partnership will allow you to make important updates on your timeline—well before negotiations begin.

The inspection has been done, now what? We can help negotiate the price of your home based on the outcome and can write an Inspection Contingency Clause into the contract if needed.

Our agents can assist in navigating through the inspection process, make referrals of reputable inspectors, help interpret results of the inspection’s jargon and finally help to determine if an Inspection Contingency Clause is needed.

Working from Home

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Will a can of paint help your sales price increase thousands of dollars?  It could.  You know your home is valuable, but sometimes it takes a few little improvements to help potential buyers see it, too!


  1. Declutter – a space, like a closet, looks bigger with half the clutter.

  2. Paint – a fresh coat of neutral paint serves as a blank canvas to potential buyers.

  3. Decorate – show that each room has purpose, but don’t overdo it.

  4. Brighten – natural light helps make a room look larger.


  1. Exterior – fresh paint makes everything look new.

  2. Landscape – if the outside does not have curb appeal, potential buyers most likely won’t step inside.

  3. Garage – Prove that the cars can fit by tidying up.

  4. Patio and Deck – Set up the patio as if you were expecting company.

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